Ry Craike Is The Ultimate Desert Rat

In the past few years, Ry Craike has made a pretty nice living for himself by mostly sticking around his home in northwest Australia.  The guy is basically fishing or getting barrelled silly 24/7.  He is easily one of the finest barrel riders on the planet and definitely one of the most underrated surfers out there.  The newest edit by Mike Riley does a pretty stellar job of showing why we should never forget about this absolute tube pig from WA.

Dane Gudauskas In “Spirit Animal”

The Gudauskas clan will forever get me psyched to go surfing.  In Vans newest profile on Dane Gudauskas, we take a look into his unconventional path through professional surfing.  Including that one crazy session he had at Cloudbreak last year. If you haven’t seen the 12 minute short that he released last year, OUTERSPACE, I cannot recommend it enough.

Rob Machado, Taylor Knox And More In “Moules Frites”

It doesn’t get much better then the southwest of France in the fall.  From the food, wine and culture to the incredible sandbanks that serve up some of the most pristine beach break barrels in the world.  Here we have Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Evan Geiselman, Mitch Crews, Kai Otton, Mike Lay and Victoria Vergara surfing  and soaking up the culture of Biarritz, Hossegor and Capbreton in Reef’s latest installment of Just Passing Through.

Jack Lynch Surfing In Point Break Heaven

Is this what heaven looks like? Warm water, blue green barrels and perfect sand bottom point breaks.

Here we have the master of different surf crafts proving that he can seamlessly surf three different surfboard shapes in one session and look damn good while doing it.  From twin-fin fishes to single fin logs and even a thruster for good measure, Jack Lynch can do it all.  To top it off, the kids got style for days and you have to appreciate his ability of matching a style of board to a certain type of wave.

This new short filmed and edited by Josh Simpson is highly re-watchable and will have you dreaming of warm water and perfect points.

Bigfoot Country With Trevor Gordon

I love everything about this classic two-part film “Bigfoot Country” by Ian Durkin.  Following Trevor Gordon through his adventure of building his camper truck in Carpinteria, CA and heading into the heart Cascadia’s Bigfoot Country.

This film definitely has a lot of influence from the always stylish Wes Anderson, but comes across as a little less orchestrated and very genuine.  The surfing is top notch and definitely keeps the mellow vibe of the entire film going without feeling like it is just thrown in without any thought.

In part two, “Escape From Bigfoot Country”, we start out with Gordon having a run in with none other than the mythical Bigfoot himself.  Before heading back down to California, Trevor gets a couple more solid sessions at some incredible looking right pointbreaks.  If you are looking for a fun, well-produced, story driven surfing film this is a must see.

John John Florence Is The 2016 WSL World Champion

What an incredible year for John John Florence, from winning one of the most prestigious big-wave contests, The Eddie Aikau, earlier in the year and now wrapping up his world title campaign in Portugal.  I think that everyone was pulling for Florence to win it this year, and to watch his reaction when Conner Coffin took out the last remaining title contender, the collective surfing world breathed a sigh of relieve.

Now that John John has that first world title under his belt, I think that we are officially starting the new era of competitive surfing in the WSL.

“The Pine Times” Is A Surf Journey Through Norfolk Island

“The Pine Times” by Damaged Goods Zine and Cam Neate is a short film following Johnny Hicks and Alex Dive as they explore the different waves of Norfolk Island.

Norfolk is a small, 5 mile by 3 mile, island located off the eastern coast of Australia typically inhabited by honeymooners and senior-citizens. In recent years, surfers have started to realize the area’s potential.  With plenty of reefs, and easy access to all directions of coastline, Norfolk doesn’t seem like a bad place to go for a quick trip if you find yourself in that part of the world.

Only an hour and a half plane ride from Auckland, NZ, Norfolk Island certainly looks like a perfect destination if you are looking for a mellow surf trip with plenty of coastline to find your own peak.