Bigfoot Country With Trevor Gordon

I love everything about this classic two-part film “Bigfoot Country” by Ian Durkin.  Following Trevor Gordon through his adventure of building his camper truck in Carpinteria, CA and heading into the heart Cascadia’s Bigfoot Country.

This film definitely has a lot of influence from the always stylish Wes Anderson, but comes across as a little less orchestrated and very genuine.  The surfing is top notch and definitely keeps the mellow vibe of the entire film going without feeling like it is just thrown in without any thought.

In part two, “Escape From Bigfoot Country”, we start out with Gordon having a run in with none other than the mythical Bigfoot himself.  Before heading back down to California, Trevor gets a couple more solid sessions at some incredible looking right pointbreaks.  If you are looking for a fun, well-produced, story driven surfing film this is a must see.


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