Stamp Of Approval: BYRD Hairdo Products

On this blog I will never review or back any brand that I do not truly believe in and support.  That being said, I am giving my very first Dawn Patrol Stamp of Approval to BYRD Hairdo Products.

BYRD was started in 2012 in Newport Beach, CA by Chase Wilson with the “gentleman surfer” in mind.

I’m a guy that definitely puts some thought and care into how I want to look or dress and when I find something that works I tend to stick with that brand.  I had been aware of BYRD for a little while and really loved their style, design, and general vibe but had never gotten a chance to try out any of their products.

On a recent trip to Portland, OR I came across their light pomade and couldn’t resist picking some up.  When it comes to style, I like things to be effortless and come easily and BYRD products have that going for them in spades.  At around $22 you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re trying to up your style game a couple notches.


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