Mavericks In Black And White

Last week the entire California coastline was getting pumping surf.  The infamous big-wave spot in Half Moon Bay was one of the many spots that benefitted from the large swell.

This beautiful short of was shot and edited by Jon Aspuru during a particularly clean day at Mavericks.  There’s just something about surfing in B/W that makes it look so much more peaceful than it actually is, this edit is no different.

Explorers, Vans, And Life Off The Beaten Path

Have you ever dreamt off just getting in the car and going?  More and more people are hitting the road to the middle of nowhere.  The newest coffee table book by the good folks at Gestalten is filled with 256 pages of awe inspiring imagery that will definitely have you turning your daily driver into a camper and hitting the road.  If you are a fan of classic Land Rover Defender’s, VW Vanagon’s or any other type of adventuremobile this is a must buy, and at $45 it won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.

A Maine Point Of View With Nick LaVecchia

“There are many ways to interpret the word canvas. A wave can be a canvas for a surfboard, drawing constant lines through movement. A piece of ruled paper in the hands of an author can quickly become a pivotal moment in a story and a catalyst for the imagination. We recently followed one featured photographer, Nick LaVecchia, around his hometown in Maine to better understand his places for inspiration when he uses a camera in lieu of a paintbrush and a strip of film as a canvas.”

I have been following Nick LaVecchia’s work for some time now, being from New England, his photos always really stood out to me.  I think that this profile of Nick around his hometown in Maine does a great job of showing how special the northeast really is, and how unique the imagery coming out of this region can be.

Fins Nerds Unite! Introducing The New Futures Alpha

I am an absolute sucker for new surf tech.  When I first heard about the new Future Fins Alpha line I thought it sounded a little gimmicky but the more I read into them, the more intrigued I became.  Could a textured fin actually work and add more of a gliding sensation under your feet?  At an MSRP price of only $65 I think that these will be a steal if you are in the market for some new fins, and I personally can not wait to give them a try.

Mark Occhilupo And Rabbit Bartholomew Talk About The Past And Present

What’s better than listening to two of Australia’s World Champions talk about the good old days?  I was honestly a little skeptical when I found out that Occy was going to have his own podcast.  Yes he is one of my favorite goofyfooters of all time, but can he really put together a well thought out interview? Now that I have just finished listening to his sixth installment of the Occ-Cast, I am thoroughly impressed.  I cannot recommend taking 30-minutes out of your day to listen to the conversation above.  It will give you a little look into to the world of two classic surfers from the Gold Coast of Australia.